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5000 Holiday Justin Durant Authentic Jersey Party

Council included. Ethics controversies notwithstanding, the council willthrow a $5,000 party for members and aides tomorrow night at the Washington Court Hotel; the money comes from donations of up to $380 Justin Durant Black Jersey per member from constituent service funds. Which, every councilmember would hasten to add, are not slush funds. The good news: At least they’re not spending tax money on this shindig. The bad news: The party conflicts with aWashington City [...]

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Coaches of the year

2013 somewhat bold NFL Predictions 09

Coaches of the year AFC John Fox, NFC Jim Schwartz

Offensive ROY RGIII, still like Luck long term though. I give the edge to Dan Bailey Authentic Jersey RGIII because he will win more games this year. Luck will throw for more yards but the voters will be influenced to vote against Luck due to the 600 pass attempts.

Biggestdisappointments BEARS (again), Phillip Rivers, Doug Martin, Larry Fitzgerald, Eagles, Texans, Bears, Fred Jackson, Mark Sanchez, [...]

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Officially changed their names

2013 August

Check the segment out every Wednesday, brought to you byFederated Insurance’s Tony Reis, at 8:20 onWGEM SportsCenter. Find the audio cliphere.

Feel free to submit your grades for the middle of the week by commenting below.

A Dallas Mavericks: Our favorite thing to play on every Wednesday show is a GEICO commercial. Well, the Dallas Mavericks have topped it with their star, Dirk Nowitzki (right).

B NL Central: A wideopen division heading into the last month of September is all a [...]

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