Officially changed their names

2013 August

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A Dallas Mavericks: Our favorite thing to play on every Wednesday show is a GEICO commercial. Well, the Dallas Mavericks have topped it with their star, Dirk Nowitzki (right).

B NL Central: A wideopen division heading into the last month of September is all a baseball fan can ask for when it comes to drama. The Cardinals have opened a small lead with Pittsburgh suffering a string of losses as of late, while the Reds are learning that Busch Stadium is not a fun place to play this year.

The fun thing is you just witnessed one team (Pirates) make a move yesterday in adding players that could push them back atop the standings, do nothing, or even disrupt chemistry and sink to the Wild Card. They made the move, though, to win. Love that intensity from a team that has stunk since Lehigh Valley IronPigs: This. Is. Awesome. Yet, it seems one can only do this in the minor leagues.

In recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness Night, the first 3,500 fans 18 and older received a sky blue foam finger presented by Urology Specialists of the Lehigh Valley when the IronPigs and Buffalo Bisons played last night. It the latter player that interesting right here.

Byrd is the kind of player the Mets should be looking to unload. Ah, but the Mets couldn pull off this deal without an accompanying PR screw up. New York fans who bought a special ticket to the game at Citi Field were to receive a free Marlon Byrd tshirt.

Let just say they didn end up giving the tshirts away.

F NY Jets: SVP and Russillo like to ask if something a story or a headline? Great segment idea I wish I could steal. Anyway the Jets could easily be the worst team in the NFL and they have a QB problem that if placed in Tampa Bay, Arizona, Jacksonville, Kansas City, or even Chicago would not be a discussion point at all. And make sure to follow him onTwitter.

Preseason NFL kills me as a fan. I enjoy it from the media side as it means football is back. Duh. But when you watch your team top draft choice go down with a broken leg, ending any thought of an improved offensive line, it can really crush the soul. I went from thinking the Arizona Cardinals could win six games this year to now just four. What a dramatic change for me.

Hope Big Jack Cornell can find a new team soon and continue his career (and dream) of playing in the NFL. The guy is an easy one to root for and if given another shot, he won go away lightly.

The above photo cracks me up. Why does Pittsburgh Neil Walker have a Cubs donut when the Pirates were playing AT San Fran over the weekend? Hmm Puzzling! The guys at Yahoo! have it for you.

I gave my conferencewinning teams to the HeraldWhig for its upcoming football preview pages and I don mind revealing them here as well. WCC Illini West. WIVCNorth Central. CCC Palmyra. TRC Milan. Others not appearing in the Whig: NCMC Hannibal; WB6 Rock Island.

Would anybody really be upset at Miley Cyrus if she wasn once the star of your child favorite TV show? I glad Madonna wasn a kid star years before her wild days, then, because that would have been a Travis Frederick Elite Jersey mess. And the Smith family reaction (right) was in a category of its own.

The Smith family had the best reaction of the night.

And yes, I just followed my high school picks with a Miley Cyrus line. Get over it.

How I spend my Sundays: Top five cereals 5) Cap Crunch: Oops! All Berries, 4) Fruit Loops, 3) Frosted Flakes, 2) Corn Pops, and 1) Lucky Charms. Discuss among yourselves.

Ah, the magical hat of Rajai Davis. It pretty much the genius and randomness of Larry David for an hour and a half. The guy just makes me laugh with his quirky way of thinking. Throw in a slew of awesome actors (Michael Keaton cusses a lot; Kate Hudson is hot; Phil Hader is Gavin Escobar Elite Jersey weird; and Jon Hamm is well, Jon Hamm) with a hilarious side story built around the band Chicago and you have yourself a movie!

And Finally, Breaking Bad is about to blow up after we learned last night that Walt has turned the tables big time on Hank, his brotherinlaw and also DEA head honcho. So many characters are stuck in Walt web that there seems to be only one way this show ends this season. Somebody will have to die. Wow, that sounds morbid. Welcome to Monday!!

10) Nickleback will be used as torture if ever need to get information out.

9) Petitioned Webster Dictionary to change the word to Uptick in cases of ear bleeding at Blessing Hospital.

7) Officially changed their names to Ben Van Winkle and Fresh Hooch of Bel Air.

6) Broc got the hours needed to truly be known as Hampy. He is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.
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